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cheeky chun

Title : Cheeky Chun
Length: Drabble
Pairing: Yoochun/Junsu
Genre : Fluff?
Summary: Yoochun and his flirting method.

Junsu had just came out of the elevator when his handsome neighbor bumped into him and almost made him fall if not for the hands holding his waist.

"Sorry, i've been pushed." The handsome neighbor aka Park Yoochun reasoned, hands still securely around Junsu's waist.

"Pu-pushed? By whom?" Confused Junsu, as he did not see anyone behind Yoochun.

"By my heart." Said Yoochun cheekily, successfully making Junsu's cheeks flushed.


ice cream sticks

Title : Ice Cream Sticks
Length: Drabble
Pairing: Chibi Yoosumin
Genre : Humor,Comedy
Summary: None

Little Junsu and little Changmin were enjoying ice cream while sitting on the swing in the backyard when their friend, little Yoochun, came to play.

"Eh Susu and Minnie eat popsicles?" The 3years old Yoochun asked his two friends.

"Yup! And it's soooo good!" Little Junsu replied cheerfully, while little Changmin didn't even bother to answer because he was too busy licking a melting ice cream in his hand. And little Yoochun could only stare, without blinking, at his friends who were happily licking their ice cream.

"Why stare?" Little Junsu, who realized his friend kept staring at his ice cream, asked.

But litlle Yoochun did not answer, he just kept staring at the ice cream and occasionally licked his lip.

"Woah so yummy! Susu wanted more! Ummaaaaa, moneeyyyy!!" Little Junsu shouted and jumped off the swing. He ran into the house to ask for money to buy another ice cream.

While little Yoochun stood still watching little Junsu ran, little Changmin stepped down from the swing, took the ice cream stick left by little Junsu, and ...

"Ah popsicle are really delicious! And you know what Hyung? If you like, you can lick this sticks." Said little Changmin while putting two ice cream sticks into little Yoochun's palm before he casually walked towards his house.



Title : Random is Random
Length: Drabble
Pairing: JYJ
Genre : Comedy?
Summary: Yoochun and his randomness.

Junsu and Jaejoong were watching tv when Yoochun came out of his room, still in his pyjama. He had just woken up from his slumber.

"Hey guys, let's guess. Something soft, sweet and yummy when we suck it... What is it?"

Randomly, he asked Junsu and Jaejoong to guess.
Because the question was so sudden, Jaejoong and Junsu could only stare at him. They could not answer.

"It's Junsu's lips." Yoochun answered himself before walking to the kitchen casually.

Thus, Junsu could only gaped and Jaejoong, well.. He was rather dumbstruck.


Pervy Chun

Title : Pervy!Chun
Length: Drabble
Pairing: Yoosu
Genre : Comedy?
Summary: Junsu wanted to make a soup, but Yoochun wanted to make something else.

"Suuuuu? Baby, where are you?" Shouted Yoochun from the living room, looking for his wife.

"No need to shout. I'm in the kitchen." Junsu replied to his husband.

Moments later, Yoochun entered the kitchen and hugged his wife from behind.

"Su, what are you doing?" Yoochun asked his wife, who was cooking.

"Can't you see I am preparing the ingredients? I'm going to make soup." Retorted Junsu, stating the obvious.

"But Suuu, i don't want soup." Whined Yoochun to his wife.

"Let's make something else, something way better!!" Said Yoochun suddenly excited.

"And what will that be?" Asked Junsu as he sliced an onion.
"Make..umm, Make love Su, Let's make lots of babies." Yoochun whispered seductively in Junsu's ear, while his hand sneakily crept up Junsu's shirt, causing his wife to drop the knife he was holding onto.



Title : Candy
Length: Drabble
Pairing: Chibi OT5
Genre : Comedy
Summary: Little Junsu sharing candies.

Little Junsu was playing in the backyard alone while holding a plastic bag filled with candies. A moment later, his friends came and that made little Junsu much more happier.

"Hyung, what's that?" Little Changmin pointed to the plastic he was holding.

"Oh this is candy!" Replied little Junsu excitedly while holding up the small bag.

"Will you share it?" Little Yoochun asked with a hope.

"Of course!" Replied little Junsu cheerfully.
He then proceeded to give sweets to Yunho, Jaejoong, Yoochun and Changmin, who were soon busy trying to unwrap the candy.
But before they had time to open it, let alone to enjoy the sweets, a small sniff was heard. Hearing the sniffing sound, they all stopped what they're doing and looked up.

There they saw little Junsu pouting with teary eyes while sniffing.

"Susu what's wrong?" Worried little Jaejoong asked.

"Why are you crying?" Asked little Yunho, who approached little Junsu.

"There's no candy left for Susu." Replied little Junsu cutely, his lips jutting out even more.

"Ouww man." Mumbled little Yoochun facepalmed.


My Perv Son

Title : My Perv Son
Length: Drabble
Pairing: Papa!Chun, Chibi!Junsu
Genre : Comedy
Summary: Little Junsu makes his poor Papa dizzy with all his naughtiness.

A/n : Titit means penis in Java (bahasa)

"Papa, where are you going?" Little Junsu looked up from the couch when his father stood up and started walking.

"Going to the toilet." Yoochun replied briefly as he walked towards the bathroom.

"Papa gonna pee?" Asked little Junsu.

"He'em." Yoochun answered before entering the bathroom.

Without closing the door, he went straight to the toilet seat and opened the lid. Standing in front of the seat, he unzipped his pants...

* Chuuurrrrr *

"How come Papa's titit is big while Susu's one is small?" Suddenly little Junsu was standing beside him while staring and pointing to his manhood.

Surprised, Yoochun let go of his cock, and his pee wet his pants!
"Oh shit!" Yelped Yoochun, immediately turn around so that his son could not see his 'titit' and rushed to fix his pants, which was wet, thanks to his son.

"Susu, what are you doing here!?" Yelled Yoochun after he had fixed his pants.

"Watching Papa pee-pee." Replied little Junsu casually.

"Susu! Papa never teach you to peep on others peeing!" Yoochun said, a little madly.

"What about peeping on people taking a bath then?" Trust little Junsu to ask incredulous questions.

"Aish, you cannot follow people into the bathroom, understand?" Yoochun said firmly, but little Junsu did not answer. He only stared with his round eyes blinking innocently.

"Now out please, Papa want to change pants." Yoochun told his son to get out.

"Ah, Susu want to see!" Little Junsu exclaimed cheerfully while clapping his little hands.

"Susu, you can't see or watch people change underwear." Replied Yoochun, massaging his temple.

"But Papa always watch Susu change pants!" Little Junsu retorted stubbornly.

"That's because Papa is the one who puts your clothes on." Explained Yoochun. He could feel his headache coming already.

"Now get out." Yoochun continued.

"Wait Susu want to pee!" Cried little Junsu and he just pulled down his sweatpants. At that, Yoochun could only looking at him with furrowed brows.

"Papa want to watch Susu pee-pee? Want to see Susu's small titit?" Ask little Junsu grinning oh so adorably. And Yoochun just wanted to bang his head against the wall.


A Way To Ask Ur Friend Out

Title : A Way To Ask Ur Friend Out(Date)
Length: Drabble
Pairing: Yoosu
Genre : Fluff?
Summary: There are many ways to ask someone out, and this is just one of them.

It was Saturday night and Junsu was watching tv when his mobile phone rang.

*ring ring*

"Hello Chun." Greeted Junsu, after looking at the caller id and realised it was his best friend, Yoochun, who called.

"Junsu? Who's that guy in front of your house? Is he your boyfriend?" Without saying hello first, Yoochun bombarded him with questions.

"What boyfriend? You do know I don't have a boyfriend, right?" Junsu retorted.

"But there's a guy standing in front of your house now, holding onto a bouquet of flowers, and damn he's a hottie." Yoochun described the person, making Junsu confused. Just who the hell was he talking about?

Out of curiosity, Junsu stood up from the couch to see who exactly was in front of his house. And when he opened the door, his jaw dropped after seeing who was standing in front of him.

"Hi Su! Go out with me?" Asked the so called 'hottie' smiling and held out a bouquet of roses. And it was none other than PARK YOOCHUN.


Letting Go

Title : Letting Go
Author : cutie_ass / Betaed byesteebusu
Length : Drabble
Pairing: Yoosu
Rating : G
Genre : Angst
Summary: Sometimes, letting go is something you have to do.


Sound of objects collided with the glass.


Again, the sound of pebbles hitting the window glass every midnight repeated.

Junsu opened his eyes and reluctantly, he moved out of his bed and walked towards the window. Shaking a little, Junsu peeked through the curtains and immediately felt a lump in his throat and his heart rate quickened.

'When will you stop?' Junsu murmured to himself.

Out there under the trees stood his friend. Since 2weeks ago, he will wake Junsu up by throwing small pebbles at his window every midnight.

Junsu took a deep breath to soothe his heartbeat, pushed the curtain aside, and then opened the window.

"I've waited," the same sentence he said, once he finally entered Junsu's room.

"I'm sorry." And always the same words Junsu would answer.

But Junsu had decided. Tonight, it would be the last night his friend will come at midnight.

"Please let go, do not wait anymore." Junsu finally said the words that he knew would hurt his friend.

"I don't know what to do, all of these are not only hurting you, but hurting me as well. Please forgive me, I can't keep my promise that night." Sobbed Junsu, he could no longer hold his tears.
In front of him, his friend just stared silently.

"Don't wait for me anymore, I will come when the time comes... Please go, don't come back, I beg.." Said the crying Junsu desperately.

Then Junsu felt it, cold skin against his warm one, and Junsu could only close his eyes with tears flowing, when his friend embraced him silently.

"Goodbye Junsu." The last words being whispered in his ear before his friend finally gone, away from him, out of his life.

Junsu then collapsed on the floor sobbing hard. Softly he whispered, "Goodbye Yoochunnie, Rest In Peace..."

The end

Awesome Pictures

Title : Awesome Pictures
Author : cutie_ass
Length : Drabble
Cast : Yunjae, Chibi Yoosu
Ratin : G
Genre : Comedy
Summary: Little Junsu shows off his drawing skill to the family.

a/n: Big thx to esteebusu who willing to spare her precious time to beta my poor writing hehe

Jung's family was enjoying the afternoon watching tv in the living room. Suddenly their second child, Junsu who was sitting on a sofa with his older brother, ran to his room and returned with his school bag.

"Look! Look! Susu can draw!" The kindergarten Junsu shouted enthusiastically and pulled a small sketch pad and colored pencils out of his bag.

"Oh, really? Did Susu learn drawing in school?" His umma, Jaejoong asked.

"Yes yes Susu did!" Junsu replied cheerfully.

"And what kind of picture did Susu learn today?" Asked his father, Jung Yunho.

"Ehmm.. Susu doesn't know, Teacher drew something difficult like a crescent moon and stars, so Susu cannot replicate the picture!" Junsu answered with a pout, making his parents smile.

"So what picture Susu like to draw right now?" Yoochun, his older brother by 2 years, asked.

"Oh today Changminnie taught Susu a nice picture! Susu will draw it first, ok?" Junsu cried merrily.

And a few minutes later, Junsu showed his work to his family, but none of them understood what Junsu drew.

"Well? Um.. Susu? What is this?" Yoochun asked slowly.

"Eh Chunnie hyung doesn't know? Hihihi it's poop! Awesome right!?" Little Junsu announced proudly, making his parents and brother's jaws dropped.

The end

Adorable Pinchable

Title : Adorable Pinchable
Author : cutie_ass / Betaed esteebusu
Length : Drabble
Pairing: Chibi Junchun
Rating : G
Genre : Humor, Comedy maybe?
Summary: Little Junsu was imitating what he saw on TV and put it into practice to his friend, little Yoochun.

a/n : credit pic goes to the owner

* Aaackhhh huuaa huaaa *

Kim Jaejoong, who was busy cooking in the kitchen, was startled by the crying sound coming from his brother's room, the 3-year-old Junsu. However, the cry did not belong to Junsu, but Yoochun, Junsu's playmate, who was also 3-year-old.

"Oh no, they're fighting.” Panicking, Jaejoong ran to his brother's room immediately.

Upon arriving at Junsu's room, what he saw was Junsu's lips pouted in sullen resentment, eyebrows scrunched in annoyance. Junsu sat in front of little Yoochun, who was crying with his small hand holding his right cheek.

”Aww Chunnie, why are you crying dear? Susu, what's going on here? Were you being naughty to your friend?” Jaejoong asked the two boys, approaching the crying Yoochun and lifted him onto his lap.

”No, Susu wasn't naughty. Susu only copying what's on TV!” Little Junsu yelled.

“What's on TV? What did you copy?” Jaejoong asked curiously.

”It was, ehm.. The sister pinched her little brother's cheeks while saying how adorable he is. So Susu followed by pinching Chunnie's cheek but he suddenly cried!” Junsu explained with exasperated tone in his voice.

“Oh my Goodness. Susu, you shouldn't randomly mimic whatever you see, and besides, what that sister did to her little brother on TV was not a pinch. She touched his brother's adorable cheeks as a way of showing how much she loves him, but not actually pinching it.” Jaejoong clarified patiently.

“No! Susu saw it! That baby was pinched!” Stubbornly, Junsu exclaimed.

“Was the baby on TV crying then?” Jaejoong raised an eyebrow.

“Umm.. No, the baby was laughing.” Junsu replied as he nibbled on his lower lip.

“Well, that means the brother wasn't pinched. The evidence was that the baby didn't cry, right? Now Hyung ask, if Susu was pinched, will it be painful?” Asked Jaejoong.

“Pain.” Junsu replied shortly.

“So?” Urged Jaejoong.

“Oh well, Chunnie please don't cry anymore ok? Susu promise not to be naughty again.” Junsu said as he approached the sobbing Yoochun, and then hug him.

“But *sob* but Susu shouldn't *sob* pinch Chunnie *sob sob* anymore ok?” Yoochun said between hiccupping.

“Ok, Susu not going to pinch.” Promise Junsu.

“Good. Now you two can resume watching again, but there should be no pinching and do not imitate what's on TV.” Said Jaejoong to the boys before exiting the room.

The end.